Diane Kidd & Dominique Caissie Art Show – July 2022

Opening Reception Friday, July 1, 5-7pm

The Dublin Community Center will present the works of two different artists during the month of July. The South Room will feature the architecture and landscape watercolors of Diane Kidd and the North Room will display the glass-blown figures by Dominique Caissie of Terrapin Glassblowing. The opening reception will be on Friday, July 1, from 5 to 7pm. The DubHub is located at 1123 Main Street in Dublin. For more information email info@dublincommunitycenter.org.

Diane Kidd states that architecture has always interested her – barns, houses, porches, doors, light houses, etc. At times, the human form will find its way into a painting, – either as a primary or secondary element – sometimes to show scale. Her style depends on the subject and mood she is trying to create – loose and fluid for the big sky over Cape Cod – or more exact painting for a parade filled with people, architecture, and patriotic symbols.  

Dominique Caissie is enamored with the lifelong challenge that comes with learning how to control the molten medium of glass. Most of her work is done in the hot shop, as she enjoys the way that hands and minds come together as a team towards a common goal. Her inspirations vary as greatly as her moods. She often dabbles heavily into sculptural forms, enjoying the recreation of nature and creatures into glass from her own unique perspective.