Grief Circles

Saturday morning, July 9
10:30am – 12 noon

Our community has experienced a lot of loss in the past year,  individually and collectively. Some have lost their beloveds,  while the community has lost its neighbors,  its leaders,  its friends.  But grief can mean more than just the loss of loved ones: many of us have lost our careers,  our businesses,  our marriages, or perhaps we’ve experienced an empty nest for the first time; then there are the conditions that feel beyond our control, like racism and white supremacy, the pandemic, climate change, poverty, war or political unrest. 

Change happens but we often don’t give ourselves permission to experience the grief that accompanies change. 

Grief Circles provide a space to be with our grief,  together.  In the tradition of Kay Pranis and Indigenous peacemaking circles, we will come together as a community to speak our grief into the circle and in speaking our grief, allow it to move so that it, too, can change. Transmuting our grief into action,  even joy. 

Circle Keeper: Gwir Huddleston Llewellyn 

Time: 1 ½ hours 

Each Circle will have a centering question. You are invited to speak to the centering question, or simply be a witness.  Your presence is your participation.

The core values we bring to the circle are respect,  humility, confidentiality,  openness and presence. 

The guidelines are simple:  only one person speaks at a time; no one is compelled to speak; we honor the circle, that is, we pass to the next person in the circle; we respect the time. 

The July focusing query is: What grief do you experience from things that are out of your control: war, climate change, gun violence, and more?