Dublin Community Day: Community Lunch, Music and Art from the Heart for Ukraine

Dublin Community Day at the DubHub:
Community Lunch, Music and Art from the Heart for Ukraine

Saturday, May 14, 11am-1pm

The DubHub is pleased to host a Community Lunch as part of Saturday’s Dublin “Community Day” in cooperation with the Friends of the Dublin Library Book Sale. Our doors will be open from 11am to 1pm. We will be offering BBQ burgers, music by local musicians, and our gallery will be open to view the “Art from the Heart for Ukraine”exhibition. 

Weather-permitting music will be outside while you enjoy your meal and/or children’s activities at next door Dublin Community Church. Otherwise musicians will be in the North Room of the DubHub. Scheduled to perform are:

  • 11:00am “Opa” Volkert Volkersz performing family-friendly and children’s music
  • 11:30am David Mueller and his 12-string guitar performs country and rockabilly classics
  • 12:00pm Tom Ahlborn-Hsu and Ruth Thompson perform golden classics
  • 12:30pm Bruce Simpson and friends perform classics, standards and more

Children’s activities at the church will include chalk drawing on the driveway and bubbles. The Dublin Fire Station will host an Open House. The library will be open from 9am to 1pm with coffee, tea, information booths, children’s activities and, of course, the book sale.

Grief Circles

Grief Circles

Saturday mornings, May 7, June 4 & July 9
10:30am – 12 noon

Our community has experienced a lot of loss in the past year,  individually and collectively. Some have lost their beloveds,  while the community has lost its neighbors,  its leaders,  its friends.  But grief can mean more than just the loss of loved ones: many of us have lost our careers,  our businesses,  our marriages, or perhaps we’ve experienced an empty nest for the first time; then there are the conditions that feel beyond our control, like racism and white supremacy, the pandemic, climate change, poverty, war or political unrest. 

Change happens but we often don’t give ourselves permission to experience the grief that accompanies change. 

Grief Circles provide a space to be with our grief,  together.  In the tradition of Kay Pranis and Indigenous peacemaking circles, we will come together as a community to speak our grief into the circle and in speaking our grief, allow it to move so that it, too, can change. Transmuting our grief into action,  even joy. 

Circle Keeper: Gwir Huddleston Llewellyn 

Time: 1 ½ hours 

Each Circle will have a centering question. You are invited to speak to the centering question, or simply be a witness.  Your presence is your participation.

The core values we bring to the circle are respect,  humility, confidentiality,  openness and presence. 

The guidelines are simple:  only one person speaks at a time; no one is compelled to speak; we honor the circle, that is, we pass to the next person in the circle; we respect the time. 

May’s centering question: what grief do you carry from the pandemic?

Pine Body Butter Class with Katherine Gekas, Herbalist

Herbal Class with Katherine Gekas:
Spring Vinegars and Oxymels
May 10, 7pm

On Tuesday, May 10, Katherine Gekas will offer another herbal remedy class. This time Katherine  will be making a vinegar and an oxymel with Spring plants that help absorb minerals and nutrients. The class starts at 7pm in the South Room of the Dublin Community Center at 1123 Main Street in Dublin. Class is limited to 12, socially-distanced and wearing face masks. The fee will be sliding scale, pay as you’d like to:  $5-$40. Katherine Gekas has been teaching community-level classes on how to stay healthy with herbs for over 10 years. To sign up or for more information email her at katherinegekas2@gmail.com.



Weekly at the DubHub on Wednesdays, from noon to 1:00

Qigong, offered by Ginnette Groome, certified massage therapist, has moved indoors for the colder months. Face masks are required and social distancing is maintained, with an air filter running during the whole session. Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) is a very gentle but powerful Eastern form of exercise, thousands of years old. It allows you to slow down and listen to your body. For more information email ammatwirl@aol.com..


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